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Disable Windows 11 Bloatware With This New System Tool

ThisIsWin11 Optimizer App
(Image credit: GitHub - ThisIsWin11)

The first unofficial optimization tool for Windows 11 is already here. ThisIsWin11 allows you to customize many of Windows 11's settings all from one app. Instead of hunting down each setting yourself through the control panel, settings app or other tools. You can do things such as disable Microsoft Teams, disable PowerThrottling, adjust visual effects for best performance, and change windows to dark mode all from the software.

ThisIsWin11 Optimizer App

(Image credit: GitHub - ThisIsWin11)

ThisIsWin11 also does more than simply change settings, the app also gives users a tutorial on Windows 11 and tells you which apps are pre-install and which ones are not. There are a total of five modules that come with the app. Here's how they're described verbatim from its GitHub page:

  • Presenter: The start screen guides you through an pictured introduction to the new operating system Windows 11 and allows you quickly to configure it.
  • PumpedApp: This module allows you checking and optimizing Windows 11 configuration among other things (all changes made can also be undone)
  • Kickassbloat will help you removing pre-installed Windows 11 apps
  • Packages is there for you to quickly install one or the other app
  • PowerClicks allows you automating several Windows 11 tasks based on PowerShell and community scripts.

The app appears to be an excellent one-stop-shop for optimizing your Windows 11 experience and reduces the hassle of manually looking for apps to delete (or install) and settings to change.

You can download the app from GitHub to try for yourself, but beware this is unofficial. You may encounter some bugs or other issues, especially since Windows 11 is still in the preview stage.