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Futuremark's 'Vantage'

Overall Scores and Optimization

First let’s look at the overall scores we got.

When the same processor was used, the spreads for each graphics test, of course, remain relatively unchanged, with 71% better performance for the Radeon HD 3870 X2 compared to the HD 3870, a situation that runs counter to current results. The move from a QX6850 to an E6850 lowered the score of the 9600 GT- based platform by 9%, compared to only 4% when the frequency was set to 2 GHz instead of 3 GHz (Intel isn’t likely to be happy about those observations.).

The GPU score indeed proved to be independent of the CPU, since we went from a difference of 9% on the overall score with the different CPUs associated with the 9600 GT OC to just 0.3%. The rankings and the differences were only slightly greater than with the overall score. The performance difference between the HD 3870 X2 and the HD 3870 was 84% here.