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Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device?

Standards Conformance

Conformance Composite Grade

The conformance composite is the average of four standard conformance benchmark results, divided by the maximum score of each test, and multiplied by 100.

Dolphin scores 82% to earn the top spot in conformance, no doubt thanks to its Jetpack HTML5 engine. Firefox and Chrome manage to tie for a second-place victory with 70%. Opera Mobile takes third place at 62%, followed by Maxthon, Sleipnir, and the stock Android browser in a tie for last place at just 60%.

Drill Down

The charts below contain the results of each standards conformance benchmark.

Note: The highest score in ringmark is determined by the highest number of tests conducted among the competing browsers, and since Dolphin with Jetpack is the only browser to ever pass ringmark's second ring, it changes the game on that benchmark. In fact, Dolphin's only weak spot is in CSS3.

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