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ATI Brings HDTV to the PC

Tips For Usage

Here are some tips to enhance your experience with the HDTV Wonder.

If the included antenna isn't pulling in the best signal, then you can try a different antenna. A signal amplifier can also be bought to boost your signal. Some antennas have amplifiers built in.

Try placing your antenna either outside or if you have to put the antenna inside, as close to the window as possible.

To enjoy HDTV in its full splendor, you should buy a monitor that can handle 1920 X 1080 and 1280 X 720 resolutions. If your monitor is small, then the HDTV Wonder software will down sample the image to fit on your screen. It still looks good, but not as good if you can view it in the native resolution.

If you plan on recording the HDTV signals, buy the biggest hard drive you can find. In addition, you should regularly defragment the drive so that no frames are dropped during recording.


Not playing nice with Nvidia cards and the difficulty in installation takes away from a decent first try for ATi in the HDTV world. Millions of people own an Nvidia card and it doesn't make sense to sell a product that only works well with ATi cards.

If you are able to get through the installation and get a decent signal, the HDTV Wonder is an excellent product. The video quality is absolutely stunning and the recording features make saving video painless. If ATi is able to fix the compatibility issues and the installation madness, it will have a first-rate product with the HDTV Wonder.