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ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV

Video Features Of The RADEON 8500

ATI calls the video features of the RADEON 8500 "Immerson II", which we have introduced in a previous article GeForce3 Under Attack: ATi's Radeon 8500 Previewed . Therefore we will only discuss this briefly here.

Adaptive Deinterlacing: a video image is composed of two half-images, one each for the odd and even-numbered lines of the screen. The quick-moving horizontal movement of the video is easily recognized when displayed on a clear PC monitor. Filter methods, such as "bob" for frames with lots of motion, or "weave" for frames with less motion, works against this. The 8500 capable of applying both filters to individual pixels, therefore creating a clearer image.

DVD Features: the R200 chip shows a mastery in hardware acceleration IDCT (Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform), motion compensation and subpicture decoding.

According to ATI, the load on a PIII 750 MHz CPU during DVD playback with the R8500 is only 20-25%. Depending on the DVD player software used, the CPU load with the GeForce3 is anywhere from 25% to 40%.