ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV


The Canadian graphics chip and graphics card manufacturer presents a new flagship product in its 'All In Wonder' Series, the All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV.

This is a name with tradition. ATI has been offering cards of the All In Wonder flavor for a long time, which strive to be more than just your simple graphics card. These cards are equipped with a wide variety of multimedia components. A TV tuner, for example, turns the card into a TV center for the household.

Other inputs include S-video and composite video, as well as the newest feature, two IEEE 1394 FireWire ports, which allow DV cameras to be connected digitally for the first time. For sound playback, the integrated sound card is used.

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Graphic Card Comparsion
Core-R200R200NV 20
Manuf. Process0.18 Micron0.15 Micron0.15 Micron0.15 Micron
Chipclock166 MHz230 MHz275 MHz240 MHz
Memoryclock333 MHz (DDR)380 MHz (DDR)550 MHz (DDR)500 MHz (DDR)
Memory Bus128Bit DDR128Bit DDR128Bit DDR128Bit DDR
Memory Size32 MB64 MB64 MB64 MB
RAMDAC (S)350 MHz2x 400 MHz2x 400 MHz350 MHz
BusinterfaceAGP 1x/2x/4xAGP 1x/2x/4xAGP 1x/2x/4xAGP 1x/2x/4x
T&L2nd. Generation3rd. Generation3rd. Generation3rd. Generation
Pixel ShaderNoYesYesYes
Vertex ShaderNoYesYesYes
Render Pipelines2444
Texturen per Pipe3332
Video In / OutYesYesTV-Out onlyYes*
TV-Out DualViewYesYesYesNo
IEEE 1394 FirewireNoYesNoNo
Remote ControllNoYes (RF)NoNo

* Optional, depends on the model

In addition to the S-video and composite video outputs, there is also digital S/PDIF output, which allows connection to an external AC-3 decoder for Dolby Digital sound with DVD playback.