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DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

Archiving: WinACE 2.11

Archiving is a very practical application. WinACE 2.11 was used under Windows 2000 to archive a 178 MB WAV file while the clock was running. Because of the strong I/O performance of the Intel 850E, PC1066 (Rambus) lands first place, followed by Intel 845G with DDR333. SiS 648 with DDR400 takes third place.

DirectX 8 Games: 3D Mark 2001

3D Mark 2001 determines DirectX 8's Direct3D performance under Windows 2000. The results show that SiS 648 places second.

DirectX 8 Games: Comanche 4

The new gaming benchmark from Comanche 4 uses the DirectX 8 interface. Here, SiS 648 with DDR400 takes second place. Intel 845G with DDR333 follows close on its heels.