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DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

SiS 648 For The Mass Market: The First Motherboard From Shuttle

The first mass-produced motherboard with the SiS 648 from Shuttle (AS45 V1.2) for the mass market.

Shuttle introduces its production line version of the SiS 648 motherboard, just in time for the launch of the chipset. In addition to DDR400 support, AGP 8x and USB 2.0, the AS45 v1.2 has two additional features to complete its functionality: two FireWire (IEEE1394) interfaces as well as two Serial ATA ports. Other features include an AGP Pro slot, five PCI slots, a RAID controller from Highpoint (HPT 372) and three DIMM slots. In light of these mega-features, the AC'97 sound chip (6-channel, ALC 650) seems somewhat out of place. Two helpful buttons have been integrated on the board especially for friends of overclocking. The BIOS offers many settings options: the CPU core can be set between 1.1 Volt and 1.825 Volt, the VDDO between 1.525 and 1.675 Volt and the DIMM voltage between 2.5 Volt and 2.75 Volt. The initial tests showed that the Shuttle board nearly reaches the same performance as the SiS reference board.

Full features with the Shuttle AS45 V1.2: three FireWire (IEEE1394) ports and four USB 2.0 ports.

A glance at the BIOS shows a memory clock of 200 MHz (DDR400) with the Shuttle AS45 V1.2.

FireWire and USB cables are included in the package.

Reset and power buttons integrated on the motherboard.