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DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

Premiere With Shuttle: Serial ATA Interface

The Shuttle AS45 V1.2 is the first board to have two Serial ATA interfaces. In addition, there are the conventional IDE interfaces.

Parallel and serial cables compared: 80 wires vs. seven wires - the future has just begun!

The Shuttle AS45 V1.2 is the first motherboard in the Tom's Hardware lab with a Serial ATA interface. In addition to a serial controller, the board offers four IDE interfaces for a total of eight devices. The advantages of Serial ATA are plain to see: serial data transfer allows for a reduction in the number of wires from 80 to seven wires. This means that the width of the cable alone shrinks from 5 cm to 8 mm. We'll bring you an extensive test of Serial ATA in two months at the latest, when hard disks with this new interface arrive on the market.

The two chipse for Serial ATA on the Shuttle AS45 V1.2.