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DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

DDR400 Comparison: VIA P4X400 Not Able To Run

The reference board from VIA with the P4X400 chipset does not run with DDR400.

Even the slowest timing doesn't help: the VIA P4X400 still didn't work with DDR400 memory.

About two weeks ago, we had planned to test the VIA P4X400 chipset, which is also supposed to support DDR400. However, during the test, problems emerged with a memory clock of 200 MHz: even in the slowest CL3 mode, the P4X400 board was not able to boot, and the system hung with the port 80 error "C1" (memory error). So we weren't able to test the P4X400 at 200 MHz memory clock (DDR400). The Soltek SL-85ERV brings us new hope, and we expect to take a close look at it in one of the up-coming tests.

Northbridge of the VIA P4X400 chipset

Southbridge VT8235 of the VIA P4X400 chipset, with USB 2.0 support.