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Two Fast and Functional USB Flash Drives

Conclusion: Kingston Shows Hidden Talents

Memina brags about high performance, but it applies only in some cases. Kingston earns bonus points for high functionality.

Advances in Single Level Cell Flash (SLC-Flash) technology have made themselves apparent in recent months, so even before this project got started, we had no doubts that the Memina stick would live up to its read performance claims of 30 MB/s. The Rocket offers a massive 4 GB of storage space, protects its USB connector intelligently and well, and makes itself at home on your keychain. But the compatibility problems that led to miserable performance still remain unsolved, and that lowers our evaluation of this product.

"High performance isn't everything" is a truth that Kingston drove home eloquently in our testing. Our new benchmark showed that as soon as simultaneous reads and writes get underway, the players separate from the posers. Kingston scored big with its high performance under load, and with its great software functionality - it therefore gets our Must Have award.

Those in search of something special with great value added should seek out this offering.