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Two Fast and Functional USB Flash Drives

Protection Scheme: 1.0 For Memina

When it comes to USB flash drives, protecting the connector and confronting the possibility of data damage or loss are much-debated topics. The cheapest method, of course, is to do nothing to protect the connector, even though dirt and static can be hazardous to these tiny storage devices.

Somewhat better is a protective cover of some kind, even though these are far too easy to lose. Some vendors have designed flash drives where the cap attaches to a carrying strap, which unfortunately means the device itself could go missing should cap and connector separate. This leaves buyers with a cord and cap around their necks, but no flash drive!

The best solution devised so far has been a U-shaped cover that's actually fastened to the flash drive itself. When needed for transportation, it's easy to slide over the USB connector; when the drive is connected, its bends back out of the way. Even the older Pocket Rocket took this approach, which the company has continued with its Rocket 4 GB. This earned our appreciation, even though the Rocket's gotten noticeably bigger - a consequence of its gargantuan capacity. Memina also attached a classic keychain to the Rocket's cap, to offer the best of both worlds to its owners.