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Two Fast and Functional USB Flash Drives

Kingston DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition

The Kingston flash drive simply can't keep up with the raw high performance of the Memina Rocket 4 GB, even though its own data transfer rates of 20 MB/s for reading, and 17 MB/s for writing are nothing to sneer at. But this is about setting records, and Memina has pretty much owned this one for nearly six months.

The real value of the DataTraveler II Plus is hidden, ignoring its miniscule dimensions for the moment. Among its hidden gems are the two programs Kingston includes with the flash drive. SecureTraveler lets that the DataTraveler II Plus can operate in two distinct and separate memory domains, while Migo enables snapshots and the transport of all necessary Windows and E-mail installation data, along with other important data the user wants to carry around.

Those who combine both features and store their Windows files in a secure memory domain soon realize that the DataTraveler II Plus Migo is a mighty tool, full of untapped potential.

Its useful software bundle lets Kingston define a new application for USB flash drives. Along with that innovation, this drive also delivers high performance, which doesn't falter under high demand. It's a must-have for those who revel in owning the latest and greatest techno-toys. The only improvement we might suggest is that rather than offering two memory domains, it would be better to implement two logical volumes (or flash drives) on this device instead.