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AMD FirePro W8000 And W9000 Review: GCN Goes Pro

Power Consumption And Temperatures

Power Consumption

We benchmarked AMD’s FirePro W8000 and W9000 in three different power consumption scenarios: a GPGPU application with a 99-100% load (and quite a bit of help from PowerTune), rendering and video file output with a 75-80% load, and AutoCAD with a normal operating load.

It’s interesting to see the FirePro W8000 operating so much more efficiently than the larger W9000, a phenomenon that we also observed with the Radeon HD 7950 and 7970. AMD's W8000 consumes 184 W under full load, while the W9000 uses more than 275 W. The W8000 card looks particularly impressive, and it’s already overclocked compared to the Radeon HD 7950.


We added Nvidia's Quadro 6000 to our temperature comparison to give the acoustic benchmarks on the next page a bit more context. Both AMD and Nvidia use fan profiles that are optimized for minimizing noise under medium load scenarios. The Quadro 6000’s fan profile is even more extreme than AMD’s, which you can see in the graph as the cooler kicks in more aggressively to take the temperature back to under 90 degrees Celsius.