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HDTV Basics Explained

Antenna, Digital Cable Or Satellite

Should you pick an antenna, Digital Cable or Satellite to pick up HDTV signals? Only the antenna is free of monthly charges, but you will only be able to receive the "broadcast" channels. You will also have to perform antenna gymnastics to receive different channels. While being the free option, if you can afford an HDTV then you can afford cable or satellite.

Whether you pick Digital Cable or Satellite depends on cost and amount of HDTV programming. If you want to go with satellite then you should see if you could get line of sight to the satellite. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dish, only to find out that your neighbor's gigantic oak tree is blocking your beam. In some areas digital cable may win over satellite, but in other areas the opposite may be true. Don't trust the companies to tell you the whole truth, but go visit your neighbors and ask to watch their HDTV.