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Which Browser Should You Be Running On Your iPad And iPhone?

Benchmark Results: HTML5 HWA And Security

HTML5 Hardware Acceleration

We had to use WebVizBench as the sole hardware acceleration benchmark for iOS because Pyschedelic Browsing and JSGameBench fail to run properly. These results are the average of two iterations.

Maxthon and Sleipnir tie for first place with a very minor lead over second-place finishers Axis, Chrome, and Safari. Dolphin again displays a very minor disadvantage, placing third. For all intents and purposes, HTML5 hardware acceleration performance will be the same on any iOS browser, although with all other factors being equal, Safari would most likely have an advantage on any real-world HTML5 pages due to the Nitro JavaScript engine.


The BrowserScope Security test appears to still be valid, as most browsers continue to fail at least one of its 17 security checkpoints.

Not much happens, though. Again, since each iOS browser is essentially Safari in different clothes, it's no surprise that all iOS-based browsers earn the exact same score: 14.