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Live Memory Test: Overclock 'Em Till They Crash

Update 5: Samsung DDR2-667 Retail Memory Outperforms Test Sample by 14%

The results of the Samsung stress test are amazing: Both the retail bought memory and the review samples are labeled „CN M378T6553CZ3-CE6", but one of them did considerable better than the other: The retail memory outperformed the review sample by 14%, or 421 MHz versus 361 MHz. This is the largest difference we've observed, and it is the opposite outcome than we had expected.

This is the statistic diagram for the retail bought Samsung memory.

This diagram shows the stress test history for the review samples from Samsung.

Both systems began the iterative stress testing at 10:31 am CET (1:31 am PST). Our system that was equipped with the Samsung review samples crashed at 9:07 pm CET, while the retail bought memory stayed on course until 4:03 pm the next day!