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Build Your Own: The Customizable, Illuminated Dream Machine

Our Dream Build In Action

It’s one thing to read about the system we've put together, but something else altogether to see it in action. So, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves. With full control over the lighting, we can create an almost endless number of color combinations. To keep things simple, though, we only took snapshots of a few.

According to my taste, this turned out to be a perfect PC. Obviously, that's a subjective claim, and you're going to have your own idea of what a customized, lit-up machine should look like (or not, if lighting doesn't do it for you). We hope the easy assembly we demonstrated gets you thinking outside of the box when it comes to your next setup. And while most of the components we used were pretty pricey, one of the most significant, NZXT's Hue, added a lot of visual appeal and only ran us $35.

While my dream build looks good in pictures, it’s so much more attractive when you see the system, memory, and even the mouse pulse with light. I tried to capture this in the following video. And although the camera on my HTC 8x phone isn't ideal in low-light environments, I hope it gives you a better idea of what the system really looks like.

Some of the LEDs aren’t configurable, including running lights on the motherboard, the graphics card, some in the chassis, and some in the power supply. If you're a purist who demands uniformity, you can always cover up those other light sources with electrical tape. But I didn't find them distracting enough to be a problem. Whether you liked my ideas or not, I encourage you to create your own illuminated dream machine. The result is pretty satisfying, and putting it all together is easier than you might think.