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Sapphire Graphics Cards' Pick and Choose Game Bundles

Game Activation

Once you've decided to "buy"-or rather - activate the game, a menu prompts you to enter your personal details and credit card payment information. We found this a bit intimidating - after all, no one is interested in actually buying anything at this point. After a bit of looking, however, we did find the option for entering the access code - somewhat hidden in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.

The game is activated, or released, once this code is entered.

Finally, you get another confirmation window telling you that the game was successfully activated.

The game Tribes Vengeance is now available for unrestricted use. The game launches completely normally - sans the menu displayed at the beginning. Fortunately, you don't have to insert the DVD or be connected to the Internet to play. The game manual is in a PDF file. In case you have problems with the activation procedure, Trymedia's Website offers product support.