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Supersize Your TV for $300: Build Your Own XGA Projector!

Assembly: The Projector's LCD Panel

After carefully removing the LCD panel, you can now start putting the actual projector together.

Even during the initial test phases, the display must be firmly positioned where it can't slip. Furthermore, the panel may not be laid directly on the projector pane, as it will quickly get damaged by heat from the lamp. A thin strip of wood or plastic is good as a spacer; a height of 8 to 10 mm (about 3/8") is more than enough. We used polystyrene of the sort frequently found in packaging; these strips can also be adjusted with adhesive tape. The following pictures illustrate what you have to do.

Polystyrene foam makes sure the panel is firmly secured.

Adhesive tape...

... and the first test installation of the LCD panel

The necessary gap between the pane and the LCD panel can be clearly seen here.

Connecting the leads to the controller: mount with adhesive tape.

Once the panel and spacers have been successfully mounted, cables can be connected to the controller and inverter. This step requires the utmost care: the contacts on the flat cable are separated by tenths of millimeters, and the slightest tilt will cause a short circuit.

A view of the mounted LCD panel and flat cable.