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Update: SUMA GF2 GTS SE and Detonator 3

Performance Conclusion

Nothing was shown to be out of the ordinary but I think the results proved that the SUMA solution is perfectly capable of giving the Ultra a good chase. Although we didn't get as much headroom from overclocking, the performance delta becomes small enough once you boost the memory speed.

Final Notes

The Detonator 3 drivers give me mixed feelings now that I've had time to experiment a bit more with them. Let's hope that NVIDIA makes the fixes without giving up too much performance in the process. Unless you're ready to seriously tweak with this driver, I would advise most users to avoid the install until the next official revision is released.

The SUMA GF2 GTS SE is still looking good as a cheaper alternative to the GF2 Ultra but the question still remains as to when and where it will be released. The performance is clearly there and the product adds up to a great value but you can't benefit from something you can acquire. If SUMA can get onto shelves soon, I'm sure they'll make a killing, as the board is $200 cheaper than the estimated $499 price tag of the Ultra. Let's hope SUMA doesn't let us down.