Acer Launches a Pair Of 3D LCDs

Both monitors run at resolution of 1920x1080 and support 3D via HDMI or DVI-DL to PCs as well as Blu-ray players, game consoles, cameras and 3D TV programming via a set-top box.

The 27-incher (HN274H) supports Nvidia 3D Vision and comes with a pair of Nvidia's 3D vision glasses by default. The 23.6-inch model (HS244HQ) does not include Nvidia 3D vision support and instead ships with Acer's own 3D glasses. The Nvidia transmitter is not required as the transmitter is built into the displays. According to Acer, any other type of active shutter glasses works with its new displays.

The 27-inch version provides a dynamic contrast ratio of 100 million:1, while the smaller display is rated at 12 million:1. Both displays use LED backlights and offer a response time of 2 ms, Acer said. Prices start at $449 for the 23.6-inch LCD. the 27-inch version carries an MSRP of $689.   

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  • c0oim4n
  • PudgyChicken
    ... Why? 3D is just a silly fad. Not to mention a complete waste of money.
  • saaiello
    Until 3d is able to be seen without the glasses it will never be more then just a novelty.