Report: AMD Quad-core Llano APUs Coming in Q3

Are you waiting impatiently for more of AMD's Fusion CPUs? If you buy into AMD's line that the Future is Fusion, then the future can't be here soon enough. According to online reports, however, you'll have to wait until Q3 of this year before we'll be seeing some Llano product.

X-bit labs reports that AMD will be introducing in July five A-series models with 65W or 100W TDP. These APUs will either have quad CPU cores with Radeon HD 6000-class "BeaverCreek" (320 or 400 stream processors) graphics, or dual CPU cores with "WinterPark" (160 stream processors) graphics.

X-bit labs created the following table showing off all the A-series Llano APU's that AMD supposedly has planned for this year. Mind you, this is all unofficial and unconfirmed, but it's fun to see what's in the future.

And here's this video that AMD is all too proud to show off of Llano compared to Sandy Bridge:

AMD Releases Llano / Sandy Bridge Comparison Video

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  • Ragnar-Kon
    More interested in Bulldozer to be honest... BUT I think these APUs could eventually be the way to go for lower power applications that still need some power, such as laptops.
  • bunz_of_steel
    My thots as well Ragnar-Kon :). This would be fine for laptop and ideal for HTPC. I would like to see the option to be able to use the on board video with an additional Radeon HD similtaneously.
  • joytech22
    Good thing this isn't about bulldozer, because if it's delayed beyond Q2 I make the switch to sandy.

    Strange how I just realized Sandy is a sexy name, while Bulldozer is rough as guts.