Rumor: Apple Going OLED With LG

Remember a couple of weeks back when rumors claimed that Taiwan-based Wintek would supply touch screens for a new Apple netbook said to be manufactured by Quanta computer? We do too and this week more rumors about the panels for future Macs are hitting the wires.

According to a Smarthouse source, Apple already has a working prototype of a netbook which will be manufactured in Taiwan with an OLED screen supplied by LG. Smarthouse also says the same about the iPhone and iPod Touch, OLEDs supplied by LG. Apple signed a $500m agreement with LG last year to supply it with unspecified types of displays until 2013. Hmm, who to believe? 

Other reports are throwing around words like “smudgeless” and “stainless” panels but we’re not getting too excited until it’s offical (that said, Smarthouse says its source is comes from LG). We’re curious to see where this goes or if anyone is making an Apple netbook. Given the big fancy deal the Cupertino company has with LG this rumour seems more plausible than the last.

What do you guys think? I’m not about to wet my pants over these rumors. OLED or not, I’m of the, “Apple netbook? Yawn,” opinion. The rumour about the OLED iPhone does tickle my fancy though. Very interesting indeed.

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  • AndrewMD
    "Apple signed a $500m agreement with Apple last year..."

    Yeah... that's proof reading!
  • IronRyan21
    I wish I could sign a huge contract with my self. LOL!
  • JMcEntegart
    Sorry lads, all fixed. :)