Asus Showcases Its CoolTech Cooling System

Asus has released a demonstration video on its CoolTech coolers that debuted on the GTX 670 DirectCU Mini, which is able to displace more air towards the bottom at lower fan speeds than the reference cooler. The CoolTech cooler consists of a smaller ring, which sucks the air inwards, after which it is propelled outwards by the large blades. This keeps colder air trapped in the heatsink for a longer period of time, thus cooling the aluminum fins better.

The video is available below:

Asus CoolTech Fan Demonstration

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  • killerclick
    Why don't just make a deal with Arctic Cooling and get their coolers installed on their high end models by default?
  • MaXimus421
    I like the music playing in the background. Oh.. and the fan.
  • rebel1280
    i see a lot of cool things combined in the above article. 1) the pic they use is an ITX 2) The size of the video card, is it me or was about time the cards got small? 3) That fan is legit, would love to see what Noctuna has in store with their blade design. 4) The music, yup, watching the vid with a cup of coffee, nice.