MSI GT683R First To Ship with Nvidia GTX 560M

Tuesday MSI said that its new GT683R gaming laptop is one of the first to ship with Nvidia's fresh-out-of-the-oven GeForce GTX 560M GPU. It also sports Intel's new second-generation Core i7 2630QM CPU and a hefty pricetag of $1,599.99.

“As the first GTX-class gaming GPU in the 500 Series, the GeForce GTX 560M delivers blistering frame rates and beautifully rendered scenes with Direct X 11 done right,” said David Ragones, director of product marketing at Nvidia. “The MSI GT683R will be first out of the gate with this gaming workhorse.”

As revealed on Sunday, the GeForce GTX 560M comes packed with 192 CUDA cores and clocks in at 775 MHz with 1559 MHz shaders. The 1250 MHz GDDR5 memory resides on a (up to) 192-bit bus, with peak a bandwidth of up to 60 GB/s.

"The GeForce GTX 560M and NVIDIA Optimus mean gamers get 50 frames per second in Duke Nukem Forever and five hours of battery life in Microsoft Office," said Rene Haas, general manager of notebook products at Nvidia. "That's real power and real portability."

Weighing in at 7.7 pounds, the actual laptop features a 15.6-inch Full HD display (16:9; 1920 x 1080), dual 500 GB SATA HDDs in a RAID 0 configuration, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and MSI's Cooler Boost technology which allows the user to manage the CPU and GPU fans with a single touch. The laptop's GeForce GTX 560M discreet graphics uses 1.5 GB of DDR5 VRAM and is backed by 12 GB of DDR3 system memory.

As for other features, the new gaming laptop provides Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), HDMI 1.4, a built-in 720p HD webcam, 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, MSI's Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology for one-touch overclocking, Dynaudio speakers with support for THX TruStudio PRO, Gigabit Ethernet, a 7-in-1 card reader and more.

Interested consumers can purchase the laptop from Amazon here although the site has it listed as $1,495.00.

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  • verbalizer
    nice but too expensive, and I want surround....:D
  • quickmana
    Optimus technology bugs me, it makes the screen flash a disconnect for a second while it switches between internal graphics and the discrete card. I find myself disabling it, but then battery life is about as good as a desktop computer :).
  • stingstang
    Woooow, 50 fps in Duke Nukem? Wait a second...that means it sucks. It should get AT LEAST that much in a game sporting a 6 year old engine.