I.R.I.S. Launches Digital Pens That Capture Written Notes

Optical character recognition software developer I.R.I.S announced the release of its new IRISNotes 2 lineup, a string of new digital pens capable of capturing handwritten notes and converting them into text users can edit on a computer. They'll even capture drawings anywhere, anytime without the need for a computer.

"Our IRISNotes 2 lineup saves time by eliminating the countless hours it takes to transcribe notes," said Jean-Marc Fontaine, Director of Sales and Operations, Americas at I.R.I.S. "IRISNotes 2 are the perfect solutions for students taking notes, businessmen transcribing meeting minutes, designers quickly sketching a new concept and more."

The company offers two models: the IRISNotes Express 2 and the IRISNotes Executive 2. The former digital pen requires four replacement batteries and comes with an aluminum case. The latter IRISNotes Executive 2 version features an "executive style" finish and comes packed with a rechargeable battery, a leather carrying pouch, and a 30-pin connector for sharing notes directly to the iPad 3, iPhone 4S and 4th-gen iPod Touch and older.

"With IRISNotes Executive 2, users can write and draw on photos taken with their iOS device and can be shared immediately on Facebook or Flicker," the company said on Tuesday.

After attaching a receiver to the top of a standard sheet of paper, the digital pens track and record hand movements. The receiver stores up to 100 pages of text, downloads the information to a computer and then I.R.I.S’ Optical Character Recognition application converts handwriting into electronic text that can be sent to Word, Outlook, Notepad, etc.

The IRISNotes Express 2 and IRISNotes Executive 2 are now available for $99 and $149 respectively at www.irislink.com/usa. The product page also lists a 1st-gen $129 version for smartphones (1.0) which builds on the Express version by adding support for BlackBerry and Android devices, and sports Bluetooth connectivity.

For more information about the new digital pens, head here.


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  • anti-painkilla
    This would have been awesome when I was in University. Currently not so much, it is still a great idea.