LG 1st To Get Official Win 7 Touch Certification

Far East Gizmos reports that LG Displays is the world's first to receive Microsoft's official Windows 7 Touch Logo certification for its in-cell touch screen panels. The current display receiving Microsoft's new stamp of approval is the 13.3-inch Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch LCD panel for notebooks.

In addition to providing support for two simultaneous touch inputs, LG's panel has built-in touch sensors rather than standard films used in other touch-screens, reducing light reflection and brightness declines. This makes the panel ideal for outdoor use.

"Until now, the [Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch] technology had limited use in smaller devices like mobile phones," said LG Display’s CTO and Executive Vice President, Dr. In-Jae Chung. "We believe Microsoft certification is a testament to the product’s excellence. We will continue to apply superior touch functions to larger IT products like notebooks and monitors to lead consumer and market trends."

As Softpedia explains, Microsoft's certification program is a means to establish compatibility and quality of multi-touch screens. This is also a good way to boost the sales of a particular screen. After all, Windows 7 consumers may purchase a certified screen before considering an identical panel --one without the stamp--sitting on the same shelf.

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  • Marco925
    It's like an iPad!

    Excluding the keyboard, the trackpad, windows, it flips open, Not made by apple....

    On second thought, maybe it's not like an iPad, but the Touch screen craze has gone crazy!
  • kelemvor4
    13.3"... Really? When the 30" model debuts, then I'll be excited. Until then I'll continue to love my LG 30" monitor.
  • JohnnyLucky
    I just can't get excited about touch screens. So far I have not seen any that work exceptionally well.