NZXT Releases Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller

NZXT has announced a new fan controller, the Sentry Mix 2. Inspired by audio mixing equipment, the fan controller is styled to resemble it. The Sentry Mix 2 features individual controls for up to six fans. An improvement from the previous version, the unit has wider sliders, each channel has its own backlit fan label, and five colors can be chosen for the LEDs.

The most notable feature of the unit, though, is that it also features PWM control. Each of the six 4-pin outputs can support up to 30 W of power draw resulting in a maximum power draw of 180 W. Of course, to pull this off you'd need to connect both of the Molex power connectors.

The unit will fit in a single 5.25" optical drive bay.

Currently, the unit will only be released in black, with no word on pricing or availability yet.

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  • fat_panda
    Looks and sounds fantastic. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
  • DRosencraft
    My brother has the current Sentry Mix. It's not a bad controller, but it's not amazing either. It's pretty straightforward. Would personally like a fan controller that provides a little more information.
  • manofchalk
    I own an original Sentry Mix and it is a great fan controller, I wondered why it was disappearing from the market but thankfully its now being replaced.
    Though a big draw of the original was it could provide 50W per channel, now that its 30W per channel what makes it unique in any way? PWM is kind of a wasted feature considering that with manual sliders you cant get exact control anyway.