Sharp Launches PN-K322B 4K Monitor With Touch-Pen Support

Earlier we already saw Asus' 4K PQ321Q monitor, and while it was based on Sharp's IGZO technology, Sharp has now officially introduced its own model.

The Sharp PN-K322B is also based on the IGZO technology, and features a 4K resolution, which amounts to 3840 x 2160 pixels. Just like the Asus unit, the screen has a 32" diagonal. The screen will feature a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and have a static contrast ratio of 800:1.

The most interesting feature about the unit might not even be its 4K resolution, but rather that in addition to this, it has pen support. It can be used as a multi-touch monitor with support for digital drawing, and can use digital pens with tips just 2 mm in width. Beyond this, the screen also has a palm cancellation technology, meaning that if the pen is used, resting your palm on the surface of the screen won't interfere.

Sharp's PN-K322B handles connectivity through two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. When using HDMI, the unit will only be able to display a 30 Hz frame rate, though DisplayPort will allow the unit to refresh the image at 60 Hz.

When the stand is taken into account, the unit will weigh a tremendous 16 kg, though without the stand, it'll 'only' weigh 9 kg.

The PN-322B will hit the Japanese market beginning July 30, 2013, and while there is no word on pricing, it's safe to say that the unit will cost around $4,000 USD, if not more.

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  • vmem
    I don't need pen support, I need better 60Hz support. you can only use multi-display technology to get to 60Hz over Displayport, which means essentially 2-monitor eye-finity for AMD, and Nvidia doesn't really support 2-monitor extended desktop with Surround...
  • voltagetoe
    This is exactly what I need. Sadly it's too expensive :(
  • KelvinTy
    I wish it would come with a display port cable. It's so weird, I find it so difficult to find a display port cable anywhere locally...
    They do ship those useless VGA cable like crazy.
    Everytime, I just send them to the recycling bin