Report: GeForce Titan Boost Frequency Possibly 1019 MHz

There's been no shortage of rumors over Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX Titan and we can't help but be impressed by the latest reports that the Titan will deliver truly jaw-dropping performance at an equally staggering price.

According to an Australian online retailer, as reported by WCCF, the GTX Titan will feature 6 GB of DDR5 memory, a 512 bit memory interface (rather than 384 bit), a base clock of 915 MHz (instead of 732 MHz) and a boost clock of 1019 MHz.

It therefore seems that the GK110 chip in the consumer Titan card might actually be quite different from the GK110 chips in Nvidia's professional Tesla K20 and K20X cards.

With the increased performance has unfortunately come a dramatically increased price tag. The already incredible retail price of $899 is now is listed at a frankly insane $1599. While it is unrealistic to expect the GTX Titan to arrive with a sub-$1000 price point, the estimate of $1599 seems a bit too far-fetched.


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  • master_chen
    ...another fake.
  • hammer256
    6 GB GDDR5 on 512 bit interface makes no sense at all. I would expect either 4 GB or 8 GB, not 6. Stupid rumors....
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  • master_chen
    ...another fake.
  • vitornob
    I just can't imagine the power of this card! (both performance and power draw)
  • hero1
    If they do sell for that price then only very few idiots would buy it. I could make a nice rig with that money and be satisfied with a 7970 or GTX 680. I hope that all of this is speculation and nothing is set in stone. If they bring it out and make it 800 then some of us will consider it but above that, heck no!