Dell 28-inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2815Q First Look

Dell P2815Q 28 4K

Dell had everyone's attention when it announced that its 28-inch 4K P2815Q monitor would sell for $699. That's a stunning price for an Ultra HD monitor, and the panel does impress with its viewing angles when taking into consideration that it uses TN technology. That said, the big disappointment for us when we looked over the specs sheet is that it will only run at 30 Hz when at 3840x2160. Those who want a faster refresh at 60 Hz will have to dip back down to 1920 x 1080. Boo. Nevertheless, for those who do desktop work and perhaps even watch video, this is a great value.


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  • CaedenV
    Tek Syndicate did a great interview about this monitor. Seems to be a great cheap 4K display mostly aimed at desktop use. At 1080p it can muster up 60fps like a traditional monitor, but in full 4K mode it is limited to 30fps.
    Also, while it is a return to cheap TN technology, it seems to have matured quite a bit and does not suffer from a lot of the issues that use to plague such displays (color shifting, limited display angles, etc.). It is not going to be quite as nice as an IPS display to be sure, but it sounds like it is not going to be horrible like a lot of cheap displays on the market.

    So, not as good as a pro monitor, but not going to suffer from input lag and other issues associated with using a 4K TV as a monitor. All in all it looks like the best of both worlds in a package under $700. Personally I am holding out a bit longer for a 'cheap' 60fps capable display, and for GPUs to catch up a bit, but it looks like 4K is here to stay, and we should start seeing more mainstream panels released this year. The tyranny of 1080p will finally be over!
  • vmem
    so as far as gaming is concerned, this is an overpriced 1080p TN panel? no thanks, I'll wait another couple of months. that said, all the press buzz will do wonders for lowering the prices of other 4K monitors due to consumer expectation
  • hannibal
    You have to wait untill late 2014 or most propably to 2015. The new version of display port that support faster than 30fsp in 4K will be released at the end of 2014, so you have to wait untill 2015 or 2016 so that you can get support to that new better displayport standard. These are early versions for those who are not willing to wait this technology to mature!4K is just fine for word prosessing at this moment or video editing, but anything more demanding have to wait until DP1.3 is ready and running.