Sharp Settles with Dell and Others in Price-fixing Suit

Dell had sued Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, HannStar, and Seiko in March of 2010 and accused the companies of collusion that kept prices of TFT LCD products high. Today Sharp announced a settlement with Dell and two other unnamed companies amounting to nearly $200 million, however, there was no further information on the settlement agreement.

"After carefully taking into consideration the applicable US laws, the facts of the case, and other factors, Sharp has decided that the best possible course of action is to resolve these lawsuits by settlement," the firm said in a statement.

Price-fixing claims, settlements and convictions are rather common in the display industry. Hitachi Displays, LG, Sharp, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes paid $585 million in 2010 to cover damages in a price fixing case that affected, among others, Dell, Apple, and Motorola. Last December, Sharp, Samsung, and Hitachi had to shell out $553 million in a New-York based price-fixing case. And, just last week, Toshiba was ordered to pay $87 million following a ruling that it fixed display prices for TVs.

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  • lexx691
    Funny how the system works...

    Producers engage in (illegal) price fixing.
    This keeps prices high, yet the Distributors (Dell) still receiver their proper margin, the buyer (you and me) are the ones who pay the high prices.
    Some time later the whole thing becomes public, and Dell receives money.

    Legally the whole affair is settled.

    Technically, you and me paid 200m$ to Dell.
  • Other Comments
  • AznCracker
    Wait did we get a share of this?
  • Chipi
    Yeah, check under the carpet...
  • lunyone
    I think they should force them to sell at cost for the next year and that might minimize this kind of behavior (but I'm not betting on it).