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Netbook Sales Growth Outpaces Full Notebooks

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 18 comments

Netbooks are still hot.

Are netbooks just a fad? Not according to the latest sales figure breakdowns from DisplaySearch. In fact, it netbook growth nearly doubled that of notebooks.

In Q2 2009, the total notebook PC market (both netbooks and full sized laptops) posted strong sales past the 38 million mark. The netbook market was particularly strong, growing 40 percent over the previous quarter, nearly doubling the still-impressive 22 percent growth rate of notebooks.

Netbooks were notably more popular than notebooks in Latin America and Greater China, likely thanks to lower prices making them more affordable to these emerging markets. DisplaySearch also figured that these regions have more first-time PC buyers, making them less demanding of the expanded feature set available on a larger mainstream notebook PC.

DisplaySearch also noted that Asus has been steadily losing share because competitors such as Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba have become increasingly aggressive in the netbook segment.

"Mini-note PC screen sizes have increased steadily, from 7.0" to 8.9” and then to 10.2". Some panel makers and brands are promoting 11.6" mini-note displays, leading to an overlap with ultraportable notebooks. However, the higher prices of these larger netbooks diminish their cost advantage. In addition to many other key players in the supply chain, Microsoft indicated it is their desire to increase the ASP of mini-notes. A significant increase to the ASP of mini-notes may deter consumers that are predominantly using mini-notes as secondary PCs," said John F. Jacobs, Director of Notebook Market Research.

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    gekko668 , September 2, 2009 2:12 PM
    It doesn't matter that the netbooks sell more then notebook. I'll buy the notebook over the netbook any day.
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    chaohsiangchen , September 2, 2009 2:26 PM
    In most part of the planet, a netbook is what people can afford, and people need computers. If people can afford a full laptop, they will buy a full laptop. Some other people have needs for ultra mobile computers, and, as far as I know, most don't satisfy with netbooks and end up purchasing $2000 ultra portables.
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    r3t4rd , September 2, 2009 2:26 PM
    I suppose it makes sense. Most people (not talking about us tech heads) like to keep in touch with the internet where ever they roam to especially with Wi-Fi hot spots popping up all over the place nowadays.

    I'd prefer a 15" - 17" Notebook but that is me because I want the power to game a little (not play "Cry"sis, more like Starcraft to Half Life games and maybe a few newer ones) and do some more CPU intensive task than surfing the web and typing up documents.

    I am looking into purchasing a netbook for traveling purposes and business trips.
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    slapdashzero , September 2, 2009 2:28 PM
    In other news, people like cheap stuff.
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    dark_lord69 , September 2, 2009 3:21 PM
    It just proves that people like that it cheap and small. Not knowing how week and low power these netbooks are. These people think these will last years... ya right.. Not with that lame cpu and almost no memory. Spend a couple hundred more and get a cheap full size laptop.
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    doomtomb , September 2, 2009 3:43 PM
    I think due to advertising, people are still under the wrong impression that these little netbooks will do everything a notebook can.
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    captaincharisma , September 2, 2009 4:04 PM
    just goes to show most people who want a portable computer only uses it for e-mail and internet and light multimedia like music. and now they don't have to spend 500+ bucks to have that

    for me i am intrested in the netbooks cause i would still mainly use my desktop pc but i would need to spend some time using it to see if i can put up with the small screen
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    Honis , September 2, 2009 4:17 PM
    I think this goes to show how idiotic parents buying back to school items can be. Once people get burned when they want to do real computing, or see that there smarter friends are zipping around faster, we'll see a huge decline.

    "Oh I can buy Jimmy a Netbook and an iPod for the price of that Laptop!"
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    TunaSoda , September 2, 2009 5:02 PM
    People just love watered down cheap stuff, I mean look at the compressed audio player craze...
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    Caffeinecarl , September 2, 2009 5:13 PM
    I don't care how portable it is, if it gets beat by a decade old desktop then it's probably not worth me owning one. Heck, I think when it really comes down to it, a netbook is no better than an iphone, G1, Blackberry Storm or other comparable smartphone.

    If you need a tiny computer, why not take that same $300 and pick up a good used 13" laptop and get a lot more power?
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    grieve , September 2, 2009 5:53 PM
    HonisI think this goes to show how idiotic parents buying back to school items can be. Once people get burned when they want to do real computing, or see that there smarter friends are zipping around faster, we'll see a huge decline."Oh I can buy Jimmy a Netbook and an iPod for the price of that Laptop!"

    I disagree... If I were buying my Son a laptop for School i think a Netbook is perfect for those needs. There is no need for a $1200 unit to create word docs, use a calculator, cruise the net and check your mail.

    I also think for many business needs Netbooks are a good buy as well... These people just like school kids don't need HD Movies or even a CD Drive for that matter.

    I already have a sweet Desktop and a pretty nice Laptop... thus a Netbook is not required. I will be considering my "needs" on my next purchase and not excluding Netbooks from the equation. (I'll end up with a 2k laptop, lol)
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    Anonymous , September 2, 2009 7:04 PM
    Not enough information is provided to make any Netbook vs. Notebook conclusions or speculate the popularity of Netbooks. Of those who purchased Netbooks over Notebooks, how many of them intend the Netbook to be their primary computer? It could be the case that a large portion of Netbook buyers obtain one to complement their desktop and/or existing laptop. As someone already stated, I would also imagine a large portion being unaware of the limitations of a Netbook.
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    chaohsiangchen , September 2, 2009 7:05 PM
    r3t4rdnot play "Cry"sis, more like Starcraft to Half Life games and maybe a few newer ones

    Depending on how new you meant. I play Starcarft with Pentium MMX 166MHz, and HL1 with Athlon 1400+/Ti4200. Atom is fast enough to play any 2D games, and, if you have Ion, could handle most games before 2004. Maybe except Rome:Total War, but I could be wrong.

    Doom 3 and HL2 actually opened the new age of monster gaming rig with the introduction of OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 9c. That made 2004 a remarkable year of gaming history.

    With everything extra low, Crisis may just be barely playable with Atom/Ion combination. I've done that with Athlon X2 4850e and GeForce8200. It was laggy, unpleasant, but otherwise still runs.
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    lemonade4 , September 2, 2009 7:14 PM
    TunaSodaPeople just love watered down cheap stuff, I mean look at the compressed audio player craze...

    mp3 players?
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    cabose369 , September 3, 2009 12:07 AM
    Netbooks will out pace sales of notebooks for now but then you will see a large spike in notebook sales just before Christmas because everyone will realize how useless netbooks actually are and will buy notebooks instead.
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    Anonymous , September 3, 2009 7:00 AM
    I think that netbooks are great and being honest most of the
    pc's and laptops are not being used to their full potential just
    like most of the people using the software and just want the latest
    version of the software even if they don't really need it specially
    if they are high school students.

    I also think that many netbooks are used as secondary computers and
    for example here in Mexico city they are becoming very popular because
    they are cheap and they can be helpful even to a college student without problem because most college students here in Mexico live in their parents house so they can have a desktop computer to do the "hard" work and they can use the netbook as a small computer to make word documents, use old versions of photoshop(i have photoshop cs2 installed in mine and works ok not great but ok), autocad drawings(i have autocad 2007 installed and again works ok), so i don't see the problem with them and even if they are somewhat limited because of the price i can buy a new netbook in one year and dump the old one and do the same the next year, also if my netbook gets lost or stolen is not as hard to replace the computer as it can be with a laptop so i can give one to my little sister without having to worry so much about the laptop and what happens to it

    By the way i am a Computer engineer so i know a thing or 2 about computers and i still think that they are great
    good luck
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    huron , September 3, 2009 3:35 PM
    I have a netbook for taking notes and doing basic word processing/e-mail. It's perfect in size and function for me. It is not my only machine, but is a great fit for those things. I think that far too many people get sucked into needing more power from their computer when so many only do basic internet/e-mail and word processing.

    If you're going to do some audio/video editing or some gaming, or even some pretty big number crunching through statistics programs, a higher end computer may be for you, but for a lot of people, the function of netbooks or cheap laptops is all they need.

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    ptroen , September 4, 2009 12:21 AM
    Netbooks could take away eventually the game console business since the chipsets inside the low end netbooks are pretty damn good and to most consumers they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Add the small weight and ability to take em anywhere, this is a win win situation for game developers and consumers.