Prices For Upcoming Intel Haswell-E Processors Leaked

The rumor mill has been churning regarding the upcoming Intel Haswell-E processors, and today we're bringing you pre-order prices of the three new chips.

Arguably the most highly anticipated rumor of them all has been the cost of the cheapest model, which is thought to cost around $400. Considering that the Core i7-5820K is a six-core processor from Intel, $400 really wouldn't be all that bad of a price.

MaxICT, a Dutch webshop, has all three rumored Haswell-E processors listed for pre-order. The Core i7-5820K, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5960X are listed for €358.56, €533.15 and €945.20, respectively. If we take those prices, remove the taxes, and slap the exchange rate onto them, we're left with approximately $392.43 for the Core i7-5820K, $583.51 for the Core i7-5930K and $1,034.50 for the top-end Core i7-5960X. With a small margin of error, these prices match exactly what the rumors have predicted.

The $400 price tag for the Core i7-5820K can be explained by the reduced number of PCI-Express lanes as compared to its superior counterparts.




L3 Cache

PCI-Express Lanes


Expected Price


6 / 12

3.3 GHz

15 MB


140 W



6 / 12

3.5 GHz

15 MB


140 W



8 / 16

3.0 GHz

20 MB


140 W


Note that this is an early listing, and early listings can be wrong. Given that these prices were posted in the Netherlands, we're quite convinced that they're legit, as the EU is very strict with its consumer protection laws. You can find the listings by clicking the links below. We're expecting the Haswell-E processors, along with the X99 motherboards and DDR4 memory, to launch on August 29.

Listing for the Core i7-5820K.
Listing for the Core i7-5930K.
Listing for the Core i7-5960X.

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  • dstarr3
    Gotta tell ya, the 5930k looks pretty badass.
  • hardcore_player
    I'm going for a Rampage v and g-skill 64GB along with the 5930k , for most of current games and applications its an overkill even from the hardcore gamer perspective .
    also ,currently thinking of buying a GTX 880 if it provides better experience than 780ti at launch .
  • TechyInAZ
    At least the $1000 Extreme Edition is now I believe a good price for that i7 since it is the worlds first intel desktop 8 core cpu.