Nvidia GPUs Used for Serious Business. Seriously.

Our primary usage for the latest and greatest GPUs are for getting smoother, prettier visuals from our games. But there's a whole other practical use for GPUs in industries outside of the enthusiast PC consumer.

Some of these applications of GPU technology were talked about at the GPU Technology Conference this week. In fact, if one were to judge the main use of the graphics technology from this particular day at the conference alone, one would easily conclude that GPUs were all for serious business.

Check out the Nvidia blogs below detailing the different applications.

GPUs Enabling Molecular Biology Research

GPUs Help Scientists Track Changes in the Sun

Conducting Virtual Surgery with BioDigital Systems and 3D Vision

The Foundry Talks Developing VFX for Film and Video on GPUs

Emerging Companies Provide Insight and Inspiration for the GPU Community

CUDA Libraries Take Center Stage Day Two at the GPU Technology Conference

GPU Technology Helping Walt Disney Animation Studios Refine Early Stage Animation Efforts

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  • areszues92
  • zodiacfml
    Seriously, gamers are paying for the majority of R&D and production of these cards for serious business. I hope Nvidia can be more serious with us and AMD/ATI.
  • HibyPrime
    Somehow I knew this was going to be a Marcus Yam article lol

    Not saying thats a bad thing, dont get me wrong.