Apple Debuts Desktop Trackpad, Rechargeable AA

You would think that one of the luxuries of using a desktop over a laptop was that you could use a mouse rather than a trackpad, but Apple doesn't see it that way.

Today Apple unveiled the "Magic Trackpad," which is essentially desktop version of the multitouch trackpad found on all of the company's current MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, but with 80 percent more real estate.

For those with very limited space on their desks (as in, not even enough room for a mousepad), this could be a good solution. It even supports more multitouch gestures than the Magic Mouse.

The Magic Trackpad sells for $69, same as the Magic Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard. It'll work on Windows too with the right drivers.

Interestingly enough, Apple's figured out that users of its Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse and now the Magic Trackpad go through a lot of AA batteries. The company is now offering its own rechargeable batteries with a low-discharge, much like Sanyo's Eneloops.

The battery charger boasts a very low standby power draw, so that's a selling feature for those who just like to leave their chargers plugged in all the time.

The charger along with 6 batteries is $29.

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  • hardcore_gamer
    "Do you want to use a trackpad on your desktop?"

  • back_by_demand
    The biggest surprise here is the use of standard AA rechargable batteries. You can buy those from anywhere.
    It's a bit unusual of Apple to issue a product that is not 100% proprietary from the size, shape, voltage, connector, etc, that the Apple store sells for a stupid price.

    A taste of things to come or a total accident?
  • bogcotton
    Every time I read the word 'magic' I just smile and think of marketing people.

    Magic!? A bit strong no?
  • Other Comments
    Look very nice on pictures. Not sure why would anyone prefer touchpad over a mouse.
    I think that Microsoft Ark is better than apple mouse.

    Sanyo's Eneloops with charger cost much less than $30, why does Apple wants to overcharge for products that they do not manufacture.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    I ordered one yesterday and it arrived this morning. Can't wait to try it out (need to wait for some jobs to finish running before I can have a play).

    I've grown to love the trackpad on my MacBook Pro and have wanted something similar on my desktop for ages now. I gave the magic mouse a try but it's absolutely terrible, one of the worst mice I've ever used. I don't plan on using this trackpad as a mouse replacement but as a suplementary tool. I really miss having access to a lot of the gestures when I'm using my desktop and I've been interested in one of these since they were first rumoured. I'm also very excited to give it a try with TenOneDesign's Inklet and Pogo Sketch - just waiting on confirmation that they support it before buying.

    In my opinion Apple really do make the best trackpads by a considerable margin. They also make the worst mice. On my desk I will now have an Apple keyboard, Apple trackpad and a *Microsoft* mouse.
  • hardcore_gamer
    "Do you want to use a trackpad on your desktop?"