Intel X25-M G3 SSD in the Wild, Gets Benched

The Intel SSDs, while always reliable and stable performers, are being outpaced by newer, younger SandForce-powered models.

Intel won't stay down for long, as it is currently prepping its 25nm Flash follow-up to its G2 offerings, which it will called the Postville Refresh.

Oddly enough, it appears as though a G3 part has hit the eBay equivalent in China and someone bought it and ran some benchmarks.

There are many counterfeit items in the Chinese marketplace, but early benchmarks don't show a terrible difference between Intel's specifications and the real world results.

Read speed was tested up to 218MB/s, which is below the Intel-promised 250MB/s. Write speed, however, posted 167.4MB/s, near the official 170MB/s.

If it is a fake, it's a very fast one.

Source: EXPreview

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  • TheRockMonsi
    Hi :)
  • stm1185
    218/170, looks like the Sandforce drives already put it to shame and the next gen Sandforce drives will over double its speeds.
  • amk09
    exoditeIntel have nice and reliable drives but unfortunately their G3 doesn't seem to outperform what's already on the market right now.I'll wait for the second generation of consumer Sandforce drives I think.

    Lets not forget about price either, if they price these nice and low it won't matter if they outperform whats on the market already.
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  • amk09
    Hello sexy ;)
  • TheRockMonsi
    Hi :)
  • Anonymous
    me wants!!