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The Making Of Digital Storm's Copper Tubing-Filled Aventum II

The Making Of Digital Storm's Copper Tubing-Filled Aventum II
The Making Of Digital Storm's Aventum II PC

Three or four times now, you've seen us shine a spotlight on systems built by boutique shops with qualities that our editorial team found interesting. The latest example in this series comes from Digital Storm.

I had a meeting with the company at CES 2013, in the Trump International Hotel. It had two products out on display: the Bolt and its then-upcoming Aventum II. Back then, the Bolt had a couple of issues that kept me from getting more excited about it. But the Aventum II, despite its early status, was a beautiful beast of a PC that I found truly stunning. It featured a lot of hardware that you can't just pull off a shelf and pop into your own machine. And so I believed it'd be a work that even our do-it-yourself crowd could appreciate.

The team at Digital Storm was kind enough to share some of the Aventum II's back story with us. What follows is a recounting of how the big, beefy (and potentially very expensive) Aventum II came to be, complete with nickel-plated copper tubing. Take it away, guys.

Chris Angelini

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