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Sparkle Fan

Four GeForce 9600 GT Cards Compared

The idea behind the Calibre cooler is two fans that can be expanded like wings. Aside from the cool looking aesthetic component, we could not measure any difference with our open test platform, though. In 2D applications, the temperature measured 44 °C, while under 3D permanent load it reached 66 °C. The measured temperatures and the noise level of 36.3 dB(A) remain constant, whether the fan was folded or expanded and whether the card was under load or idle.

There are two metal clamps per fan, which hold the folding mechanism in position, like a springIn the middle there are four holes per fan that serve as latching points for the cooler wings

When the wing is at the correct angle, it latches into the holesThis is how the Calibre looks with folded fans sitting directly on the cooler

When both wings are expanded and latched, the warm exhaust is widely dispersedWhen the fans are expanded, you can see that the lower metal plate serves as a cooler

The angled fans blow air over the components and the voltage transformers on the backOn our test mainboard, the Asus P5E3 Deluxe, the clamps of the next PCIe slot caused interference

When the Calibre wings are expanded with gentle force, the mounting and cooling fins touch each other

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