Iomega And Quantum Tackle Backup

REV Restore And Diagnostics

The restore process of the files we had backed up before took only six minutes and 30 seconds, which was much faster than the Quantum GoValut’s data transfer rate.

There are two restore options, which are self-explaining.

Select the backup set, which you want to use for restore.

Since backup sets may include several snapshots, representing backup runs at different dates, you have to select the snapshot you want to restore from.

Now choose the restore location.

Retrospect Express offers to restore everything to the selected folder, or to do a brute-force restore, while overwriting existing files.

After: You are prompted to confirm whether or not you want to go ahead with the restore process.

Lastly, you need to confirm which files to replace.

REV Diagnostics

The diagnostics tool is simple to use.