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790i Ultra SLI Motherboards Compared

Since the XFX nForce 790i Ultra is supplied as a complete unit by Nvidia, it makes sense that the company also provides Nvidia’s reference overclocking software. This is more than the basic nTune package, however, as Nvidia Control Panel 6.00 Beta seeks to integrate additional functions.

CPU overclocking controls are fairly useless at this point, locking up the system with anything more than the slightest change. Adjusting the core voltage might have helped, except that this function is not yet, well, functional.

More extensive adjustments could be made under the Motherboard menu, if the settings were all functional. None of the voltage menus work with Nvidia’s own motherboard, though, so we hold out little hope for other 790i series models until major improvements have been made to the program.

Memory controls again look adequate, at a glance, but don’t work.

Nvidia Control Panel also supports automatic driver updates.

Documentation & Software User’s Manual
Quick Installation Guide
Promo Door Tag
Motherboard Driver DVD (Windows XP, Vista)
Hardware 1x Auxiliary Chipset Fan
1x SLI 3-Way Bridge
1x SLI 2-Way Bridge
6x SATA Data Cable
4x 4-pin to SATA Power Adapter (2-device)
1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable, Round
1x Floppy cable, Round
1x USB Break-Out Plate (4-ports)
1x IEEE-1394 Break-Out Plate (1-port)
1x I/O Panel Shield

All Nvidia-supplied 790i Ultra SLI motherboards include the same chipset cooling fan plus 3-way and 2-way SLI bridges. XFX adds a good cable kit and even a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your game room door.

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