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Benchmark Results: 3DMark 11

AMD's Trinity APU Efficiency: Undervolted And Overclocked

When we talked to Sami about overclocking Llano, he made it clear that his first order of business was tuning the APU’s graphics engine. Our 3DMark results make it clear why. A roughly 15% speed-up would be great news in the games that we tested last week that might have been barely-playable at 1920x1080.

Even at stock settings, the A10 and A8 destroy Intel’s Ivy Bridge-based Core i3s. This is the data we were missing in our June preview, though these numbers and the gaming data we already ran confirm what we hypothesized back then. 

It’s only when we start looking at the Physics subtest, which taxes x86 hardware, that we see Intel’s two physical cores with Hyper-Threading besting AMD’s dual Piledriver modules with four integer cores. 

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