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CPU Benchmarks: Content Creation

The AMD A8-3500M APU Review: Llano Is Unleashed

Now for a look at content creation benchmarks, starting with 3D modeling and rendering:

3ds Max and Blender only benchmark the time it takes to render a 3D scene, but Cinebench measures both rendering time (green result) and window responsiveness (blue result). See how Intel dominates the rendering task across all three programs, but Cinebench is the only benchmark that exposes the GPU’s ability to display smooth viewport frame rates? Intel is left behind in this test.

Switching from 3D in Cinebench to 2D in Photoshop puts the impetus on processing cores. Our benchmark employs a number of threaded filters to best tax multi-core processors. Intel has an indisputable lead.

Intel maintains a lead in these two titles from Adobe, and the A8-3500M performs inexplicably poorly when it comes to After Effects. It seems unlikely that you’d want Llano driving a mobile video workstation.

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