AMD's New 780G Chipset Has Powerful GPU


Until now, it was only possible to create a CrossFire configuration using dedicated ATI/AMD add-in graphics cards, but AMD is adding the integrated graphics chip of the 780G/V chipsets to the list of dual-GPU capable parts.

CrossFire with on-board graphics

The graphics cards in the device manager

The card that is paired with the 780V/G graphics unit has to support Hybrid CrossFire, narrowing down the selection to a handful of models. We conducted the Hybrid CrossFire tests using a Radeon HD3450, and out of interest, also installed a Radeon HD3850. However, the on-board GPU automatically deactivated itself, so it was no longer available to create a CrossFire combination.

ATI Radeon HD3450

When a hybrid-enabled graphics adapter is installed into a 780G/V system, the built-in GPU's HDMI/DVI and VGA connectors are disabled, meaning that the first display must be attached to the add-in card.

DVI and HDMI connectors on the Gigabyte board

Unlike all previous on-board graphics solutions, the integrated HD3200 is not deactivated when a (hybrid-enabled) add-in graphics card is installed, remaining active instead.

After Windows Vista or XP start up, the operating system recognizes the new dedicated graphics card and the integrated HD3200 GPU remains available in the system.

An unusual CrossFire team - on-board graphics paired with an add-in graphics card

The CrossFire option in the graphics driver does not differentiate between the hybrid solution and the conventional dual-card combination. With a simple click on the dual-GPU function, we activated the CrossFire combination, consisting of the on-board HD3200 and the dedicated Radeon HD3450.

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  • rockwell73
    I would like to know can i run a video card with this mother board,with all the high demand for great video quality in these new video games such as Crysis, BioShock, Jericho and many others that require a high end video card how am i suppose to play these games without one
  • Anonymous
    You just put in any PCI-E video card in the X-16 slot. With the appropriate processor and beefy enough video card, games are not a problem. The real beauty is that the onboard video is plenty for casual, older games at acceptable rates and also makes for a great low power HD media center computer.
  • dotroy
    I do not get it, how come 2600XT is more faster than 3450 ? I thought 3450 is newer than 2600XT. Please explain
  • gerro1977rm
    What about the northbridge overheating issue everyone is talking about? I've bought this board only to find out it has idle temps of 80C at the northbridge. I'm planning on buying an after market cooler to stabilize it.
  • Anonymous

    What revision is your board? I just received this board and it's the new revision 1.1 which has a bigger heatsink (you can see the pictures from the gigabyte site for both revisions 1.0 and 1.1). I am getting my CPU soon and want to also check the northbridge temperatures. What can I use to measure the temps?

  • Anonymous
    I'm cooling my G780 on GA-MA78GM-S2H rev1.0 with additional pentium 3 box coller heatsink (fits perfectly) and radeon 3450 with p3 box fan :) - it works fine
  • Anonymous
    Does anyone know if the radeon HD4850 works on this board with hybrid graphics and crossfire.
  • gerro1977rm
    Deleted Profile 06/23/2008 7;12 AM,

    Unfortunately, I'm using the rev 1.0 board. I fitted it with an HR05 heatsink from thermalright and its now just warm to the touch not hot. I'm using everest to monitor my temps. Aux now registers at 37 C, though I'm not really sure if its the NB temp. You can also use riva tuner among others.
  • V3ctor
    I have a ASUS M3A78 EHM HDMI and I have a temperature of only 33ºc with my X2 BE-2350... I'm going tu put a HD3450, but i have a doubt... If i'm only in 2D graphics (like the desktop) the board switches to the HD3200? And when I need power does it "switch" to HD3450?
  • kingsize566
    I have a GA780...DS3H rev1.0 (ATX) and the northbridge heatsink is large but made of some cheap light zinc alloy - waste of time IMHO, 70+ degrees and memory errors - but only when using a PCIex16 graphics card. The problem eased when I added a 40mm fan on top of the rubbish heatsink. I wrote to gigabyte about the issue, who said - tampering with the heatsink invalidates your warranty. Sounds like they're burying their head in the sand over the issue. According to some posts on SPCR, and here, the thermaltake HR05 replacement fits.

    I would question the QA process of a mobo manufacturer who offers not only a poor heatsink design, but a 4 phase mosfet unable to cope with the TDP of some of the higher power phenoms (see Tomshardware and Anandtech). The 780 board by XFX has a heatpipe solution on the mosfets and northbridge which looks like a better design, and similar price (cheaper if you count having to replace the deficient heatsink by Gigabyte). The Asus M3A78 possibly has a better heatsink on the northbridge.
  • monkeystomp6
    Hello I have a Gateway GT5694 with an ATI radeon 3200 onboard and I picked up a PCI-e ATI 3450. I cant get it to run 4 monitors like I need it to. Both cards are installed in the device manager but the 3200 is not showing up on my monitors. Im at whitts end on what to do. From what iv read this is suppose to work. What bios settings should i have GPX-INGFX-GPP-GP0

    there are 4 options with them in different orders. Do i enable CF like some say? I cant find Cross fire enable though Please help me!!
  • V3ctor
    I can't remember how i put the graphics setting on the bios, but as soon as I connected the HD3450, the Catalyst Control Center automatically made a crossfire between the 3200 and the 3450. And in the Catalyst Control Center only appears the HD3450... it's like the HD3200 vanished. Search in the Displays Manager and switch the resolution for each one of your monitors.
  • salem80
    dotroyI do not get it, how come 2600XT is more faster than 3450 ? I thought 3450 is newer than 2600XT. Please explain

    2600XT for mid range gfx Profile while 3450 are low cost profile gfx .
  • jealousfraud
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  • digvijaysingh
    which operating system was used for the test. Please tell me whether crossfire with HD 3200 and HD 3450 is possible on window 7 32 bit.
  • dlee7283
    hybrid crossfire works in Windows 7, I am using 64 bit and I am sure it will work for 32 bit
  • asifgunz
    how abt an ACER [1025] motherboard, any way of overclocking the hd 3200 on it?
  • alykh96
    I have AMD 780G chipset and tried to overclock the GPU core to 950MHz from bios (GFX engine override) the PC can't even boot up I realized then that the chipset heats up so I lowered the overclock to 750Mhz , the same time
    I accessed my user on windows......BSOD it's working on 625MHz the question is why I can't overclock to 950MHz like the article said
  • Anonymous
    Hi. I have a HD3200 IGP (AMD 780G chipset) and would like to know what's the best GPU to setup Hybrid Crossfire with?