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The Charts: Checking Out The Data

Updated CPU Charts 2008: AMD Versus Intel

All of the measured performance data of the AMD and Intel processors can be seen in graphical form in our Chart section. Here you can directly access the Q3/2008 processor charts.

The charts will be updated at regular intervals. All benchmark graphics can be seen at any time by clicking the word Charts in the top menu

Editor’s Note: The above link will take you straight to the new charts, which are labeled as our Q3/2008 update. However, if you want to cross-reference data from our update earlier in 2008 (labeled the Q1/2008 CPU Charts), those numbers are still available here. The benchmarks are different (we updated the tests and included a more modern collection of chips for this more recent posting), but you’ll get data on older Pentiums and Athlons if you use the previous charts list.

Please feel free to provide your feedback, as always. We know the layout of the charts is different now, but we’re constantly striving for ways to improve functionality, so let us know what you think!

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