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System Power Loss: 141 W Under Full Load

The World's First 65 W Desktop Quad Core

Apart from the power consumption of the individual CPUs, the power requirements of the platform as a whole are important, as this is the value that represents actual cost.

phenom x4 9100e

Under full load, the performance of the complete system with Phenom 9100e was impressive. The 9100e system needs approximately 30.5 W less than the smallest Phenom X4 9500; the margin between the two processors is just 300 MHz. Here, the much better efficiency of the low-power Phenom is clearly evident.

phenom x4 9100e

While idling with Cool’n’Quiet, there is nothing special about the Phenom 9100e. In this mode, it consumes almost the same amount of energy as the other Phenom X3 and X4 CPUs.

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