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Benchmark Results: 1680x1050 Performance Problem Fixed

Gory Gaming: Bulletstorm Performance Analyzed

This article was delayed due to a number of unexpected product launches, and our original benchmarks showed a massive performance hit at 1680x1050 that even 1920x1080 results could easily outpace. The game was designed to play optimally at HD resolutions divisible by eight. While that's fine at 720p and 1080p, it caused problems at 1680x1050 (one of the most common gaming resolutions on the PC).

It can be bypassed by adding a custom 1680x1048 resolution, but this is a messy solution.

Our original 1680x1050 benchmarks looked like this:

Just prior to publishing, we re-ran tests to see what newer drivers could do and found that the 1680 performance problem was fixed. Steam automatically patched the game on April 29, and one of the update notes indicates a "fix for certain resolutions lowering performance (FPS)." Here are the new results:

As you can see, the performance problem at 1680x1050 (or any resolution not divisible by eight) is now fixed, except for an SLI glitch. This is great news and we applaud the developers for supporting PC users.

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