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Intel 440BX AGP Chipset - 66/100 MHz Front Side Bus

Intel's BX chipset is the first PC chipset that is offering a system or front side bus that runs at 100 MHz and therefore enables a higher memory bandwidth as the common 66 MHz FSB used to.

Intel 440BX AGPset

The Intel 440BX AGPset is the first chip set to deliver 100 MHz system level bandwidth to unleash the full performance of the Intel Pentium II processors at 350 MHz or 400 MHz. In addition, the Mobile Intel 440BX chip set is the first chip set to bring Pentium II processor performance to mobile systems.

The Intel 440BX AGPset improves system performance by increasing the bandwidth of the system bus from 66 MHz to 100 MHz.

Highest System Performance Through Technology Innovation

The chip set features Intel's Quad Port Acceleration (QPA) to improve bandwidth between the Pentium II processor, the Accelerated Graphics Port, 100 MHz SDRAM and the PCI bus. QPA combines enhanced bus arbitration, deeper buffers, open-page memory architecture and ECC memory control to improve system performance.

Ultimate Design Flexibility

The Intel 440BX AGPset provides developers with maximum design flexibility by delivering one chip set for both 66 MHz and 100 MHz system designs. Now, one basic motherboard design supports all Pentium II processor speeds from 233 MHz to 400 MHz. This flexibility can save engineering resources while maximizing use of investments in BIOS, software development and compatibility testing.

Closing The Gap Between The Desktop And Mobile

The Intel 440BX chip set architecture supports Mobile Intel Pentium II processor performance bringing desktop-like performance to mobile PCs. It also enables mobile systems to benefit from advanced power management and Wired for Management capabilities, allowing mobile platforms to function much like desktop systems when connected to a network.

Intel 440BX AGPset Highlights
  • Optimizes Pentium II processor 350/400 MHz performance by enabling 100 MHz SDRAM and memory.
  • Supports both 100 MHz or 66 MHz system and memory bus designs
  • Quad Port Acceleration improves system performance
  • Enables "best-of-class" 3D and multimedia and gaming platforms with the Intel740 graphics accelerator-based graphics card
  • ACPI-compliant power manageability
  • Supports Wired for Management capabilities in desktop and mobile platforms
  • The first chip set to support the Mobile Intel Pentium II processor
  • Quality and reliability of Intel's pre-silicon simulations and post-silicon validation processes
  • World-class manufacturing and support capabilities
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