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SiS 5581/82 AGP Chipset - 66/75 MHz Front Side Bus

SiS Chip Set SiS5581, SiS5582 are two single BGA chips designed to be the highest performance Pentium Chip Set in the market. It supplies the fully compatible Pentium processor Chip Set Solution by dint of highest integration design technology for the upcoming 97 newest PC specification.

With the Keyboard controller, USB controller, RTC embedded in one chip, SiS product enables the cost-effective design for variety Pentium processor level platforms. The speed of 75 MHz host busand memory bus enhanced the system performance and the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) feature lowered down the power dissipation at the same time. SiS chip also supports Ultra DMA transfer protocol to improve the IDE performance, and supports Common Architecture (Serial IRQ and Distributed DMA functions) for moving ISA function to PCI bus to improve the peripheral devices performance.

SiS supplies two parts of Pentium BGA single chip, SiS5581 and SiS5582, to adapt to the different form factors (NLX, LPX, ATX and AT). These two parts are based on same logic design, and only differ in pin mirroring mutually to facilitate the board layout.

Major Features Of Chip Set Include
  • Support Host bus and memory bus up to 75 MHz
  • Integrated DRAM Controller for supporting FPM/EDO/SDRAM DRAM
  • Integrated L2 cache Controller
  • Integrated Host-to-PCI and PCI-to-ISA bridge
  • Integrated Fast PCI IDE Master/Slave Controller
  • Integrated Legacy PMU and ACPI Controller
  • Integrated Posted Write and Prefetch Read FIFOs to increase performance
  • Integrated Universal Serial Bus Controller
  • Support I2C Bus for SDRAM and clock generator
  • Integrated ISA Controller
  • Integrated Keyboard Controller
  • Integrated Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Highly integration Single Chip Set
  • 480 Balls BGA Package
  • 0.35 m 3.3V high Technology
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